Southern California Conference National Service Organization Department

Pastor Bob Wong is Director of Youth Ministries for the SCC.  He is available to talk to any person who is interested in joining the military, is currently serving, or if your loved one is in the military.

The Youth Ministries Department does have a few “Service Men’s Bibles” left from when our country had the draft.  These Bibles are NKJ version in a zippered, black, vinyl case along with a Youth Edition Steps to Christ and some pamphlets.  The case measures 5½ X 7½ X 2½”.  Cost is $14.05 while supplies last.

The link to the left is the National Service Organization which is part of the General Conference Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries.  It is very informative and serves the needs of the church in general, the youth of the church and SDA’s in military service.

It might be of interest for those who have lost an Adventist loved one in the line of duty to check out IN MEMORY OF OUR FALLEN HEROES at this site.

Please click here to contact Bob Wong or his office.


Robert Wong